Wall dress up is an essential part of Interior Design. A person can play with a blank wall by using it as a canvas and liven up space.

Wallpapers are one of the best materials that can be used to dress up a wall and add character to a dull space. One can add a variety of surprises to their surroundings as there are different types of wallpapers available providing different surface finish –that too in multiple textures, colours, and patterns. The styles of the wallpaper may vary from floral, damask, stripes to geometrical shapes.

You can select from the wide variety depending on the area (room.) For example, places like bathroom and kitchen are wet places; therefore, they will need the material type that can withstand moisture.

Wallpaper Types


paper wallpaper

These are quite thin and best for a flat surface. The main component is Cellulose (a natural element) making them eco-friendly. They let the walls breathe which thwarts the growth of fungus and mould making them the best material for bedrooms, nursery and dining rooms.

Blown Vinyl


These are similar to Embossed Wallpaper except the top finish id plastic (vinyl) giving it a tough finish. These are easy to apply and a good option for uneven and rough walls.



People may confuse these with Vinyl Wallpapers, but they differ. These have a coating of thin transparent plastic over the printed design. This layer makes it stain, grease and steam resistant and possible to be cleaned with damp cloth. These can be used in kitchens too.


vinyl wallpaper

These consist of two layers – paper/ fibre and vinyl (plastic) coating. They can be used on the rough surface. The various qualities make them one of the most commonly used materials. They are light resistant, durable, sturdy, washable and comparatively cheap making them the best candidate for wet palaces like kitchen and bathroom and roughly used places like living rooms.

These are available in various options ranging in different colours and designs/patterns.


Textile Fabric

These are usually available in two varieties - natural fabric and synthetic fabric with acrylic or paper backing. These can make of silk, wool, felt, linen, twines, leather, raffia, features or horsehair. The natural element makes them breathable and gives excellent insulation quality. These are great for bedrooms.


Embossed wallpaper

These wallpapers are also known as Textured Wallpapers. The raised patterns that are imprinted lend to the name. They also work well to cover up cracks, scratches, and roughness on the walls. They are a little delicate and require extra care while hanging. These can be painted over giving the option of a facelift when the colour fades.

Bamboo wallpaper


As the name hints, these are made up of bamboo. This eco-friendly product has exceptional quality, i.e. it has antiseptic characteristics. This quality prevents the growth of moss and kills germs. It is a little tricky to clean them, and they might not be suitable for areas with moisture.