Trends to look for in 2018

How to take care of wooden floors
How to take care of wooden floors!!
January 25, 2018
Trends to look for in 2018 Angled wooden floorings

Wooden flooring is an option that stays in your home for ages. It is one thing that can never go out of trend. Wooden flooring along with giving a style statement to your space gives it durability too!!

Here are some trends that will rock the floor in 2018, Read on!!

Trending on 1:- Diagonal / Angled wooden floorings

One-dimensional straight lines are too dull sometimes. And you can kill the boredom with using angled or diagonal pattern on the floors instead of straight lines.

This pattern would pep up your spaces and give them a luxurious and contemporary look. The initial cost of these floorings may be higher than that of normal ones, but the end product created is a beautiful piece of art that you can never get tired of seeing.

One can even create illusions to make rooms look bigger with these floorings. These patterns provide personalized and exclusive designs for the homes. These angled floors can transform the whole space into a new one.

Trending on 2:- Satin finished wooden floorings

Gone are those days when homeowners would prefer sparkling and shining floors. Now matte finished floors are ruling the trend list. The shiny floors tend to lose their shine after few years and start looking worn out.

But these matte finished floors do not face the problem of losing shine, and hence they keep looking great for ages.

They are a perfect balance of traditional semi-gloss and trendy no shine finish that provides elegance to the spaces.

Trending on 3:- Wider and longer hardwood planks

Wider and longer planks generate a more warm and integrated look. With less joint lines visible it emphasizes more on the innate visual appeal of wood grains.

Because the textured look intensifies the space, it would increase the popularity of hardwoods in the upcoming years.

With the growing popularity of engineered floors, this would make wider and longer planks possible to produce a structurally stable flooring with built-in-value.

Wooden floorings along with having various benefits for your house also add up to the beauty of the home. It comes in various designs and textures that give a wide range to choose from!!

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