Our company


Floorboards, as a company has been in the business of wooden coverings for more than a decade. We offer a wide selection of top quality wood flooring as well as professional installation, laminate floorings, engineered floor wood, guidance about maintenance and repair if required.

Our work ethics help us grow our list of happy customers and thus make bonds as strong as our floors! No wonder then, a lot of our clients come from happy referrals.

Our values

The team at Floorboards works on the following values to enrich the lives of whoever comes in contact with them for business. When you hand over your flooring or wall effects to us, you can count on:

  • Trustworthiness: - Honesty & Integrity in work attitude
  • Speed: Quick, effective decisions, responses and execution
  • Performance: - High levels of both product quality and implementation
  • Collaboration:- Working together with internal as well as external stakeholders to attain perfection
  • Craftsmanship:- Talented, passionate and diligent craftsmen that strive to add class to your floorings, walls, or ceilings.
  • Safety & Sustainability:- Extra efforts to ensure a safe, clean and eco-friendly work environment.

Whether it is residential spaces or commercial ones, our work has been featured in top Interior magazines and been appreciated by prominent builders & designers. You can expect elegance, superior quality, art and beauty in all our work!

We try to be in a symphony with our surroundings by making products which can last long through ages. These products go hand in hand with Nature’s natural cycle. All the raw material are recycled to the fullest and used in every possible way to produce energy.Be it our wooden floorings, Engineered floors, Laminate floors or wooden tiles; each piece takes care of nature in its own way.

At Floorboards, every piece of wood is personalized and uniquely treated to fit your imagination. This brings out the distinct composition of knots and graining resulting in a dynamic surface transformation which would just make you gleam with joy and satisfaction. Our craftsmen never fail to feed the senses and bring solutions that are different and stylish.

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Flooring experts, who measure, install and clean up after the process because custom comfort is our priority


Prompt, efficient and expert assistance and expertise to take care of any damage that happens to any product


Appropriate, empathetic, and hassle-free guidance to ensure proper maintenance of the products you purchase from us


Complete assurance that you get the best assistance to beautify and enhance the walls around you