Engineered flooring Dealers in india, Kronoswiss Engineered flooring, Kronoswiss Engineered Wood Flooring in india, Engineered hardwood flooring in india, Wooden Flooring, Floorboards
Engineered flooring Dealers in india, Kronoswiss Engineered flooring, Kronoswiss Engineered Wood Flooring in india, Engineered hardwood flooring in india, Wooden Flooring, Floorboards
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Engineered flooring Dealers in india
Engineered flooring Dealers in india

Products and Services

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As exclusive distributors of Kronoswiss in India, as well as industry-leading specialists in providing wood-based finishing solutions, our wide range of top-quality products and services cover all aspects of the industry. We offer tailor-made delivery that will breathe life into any wood-based finishing job, while maintaining only the highest of standards in quality to attain complete customer satisfaction.

Here's an overview of some our products and services, with integrated elements extracted only from the highest quality of sources, brought together to deliver the type of quality synonymous only with Floorboards Flooring Systems.

Laminate Flooring

The laminate flooring solutions we offer are simply an enhancement of natural wooden flooring, where 100% authentic wood is industrially compressed to an HDF base and then galvanized with an Aluminum Oxide overlay.

Essentially, the naturally-beautiful appearance of wooden flooring is transformed via the process of resin-based melamine (cyanuramide) lamination to give it a serious durability boost. In this way, laminate flooring offers a wooden floor more resistant to stains, scratches and scorches. More

Engineered Wood Flooring

Despite what the name suggests, engineered wood is indeed 100% authentic wood, deployed as a more versatile option in delivering trickier wood-finishing solutions. The engineering part of the equation comes into play in the form of the layering process, during which engineering principles are deployed to produce multi-layered units of wooden flooring, made of different types of wood for performance and appearance purposes.

As experienced engineered flooring dealers in India, incorporating the quality of Berg & Berg engineered flooring in our product offerings, versatility is the order of the day.

In this way, highly specialized wooden-finishing jobs are made possible, with a number of variations in the methodology of the production of the engineered under-wood.

Width variations between 90mm and 360mm, top-layer thickness ranging from 0.6mm to 6mm and overall board thickness ranging from 10mm to 21mm are all parameters that allow for some versatility in performance and flexibility in deployment. Because of this versatility in the technical aspects, engineered wood can be installed in conjunction with concrete surfaces, weather above or below, as well as in a variety of other deployments.

With regards to visual appearance and imaginative combinations of engineering styles, the engineered wood produced accounts for some aesthetically appealing solutions. The likes of the single-strip method offer variations to the triple-strip effect, which simply relates to the number of layer distinctions visible on the outer surface of the wooden flooring.

Solid wood flooring

Solid wood, as an organic option for under hardwood, offers the type of natural beauty which echoes the attributes of the earth's greatest engineer, nature. Practicality comes into play, to complement the fitting appearance, in the form of the durability and dependability of natural wood that needs very little tweaking in order to naturally withstand the elements.

Our installation methods are consistent with the principles that account for maximum performance, with factors such as moisture and heat-induced expansion-and-contraction taken into consideration. Sub-hardwood flooring is central to any great wooden flooring finish and the final appearance of any form of wooden flooring solution is only as good as the quality of the under hardwood.

Floorboards Flooring Systems takes great care in putting our expertise to full use, providing quality even in that part of the laminate flooring or wooden flooring solution not seen by the naked eye. Depending on a number of factors, that will directly affect the performance of your wooden flooring finishing (moisture repulsion, maintenance, cleaning); Floorboards Flooring Systems deploys one of two under hardwood options: More

Decking/Wall Cladding

Our wide range of quality-sourced deck wood, which includes the likes of Kronoswiss wood, allows us to deliver decking and wall-cladding solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also practical with regards to considerations such as weather and the elements. Harmonious existence between elements such as water and wood add a whole new meaning to the terms "quality" and "practicality", spilling over into durability as well.

Our supplied deck wood is suitable for all related jobs, including the decking for pools, spas and even backyard stream and dam embankments. No job is too big or too small. More

Sport Surfaces

Another one of our wooden flooring and decking offerings is that of sport surfaces. This further demonstrates our wide range of skill sets as we are happy to deliver professional standards, guided by official parameterizations. Weather it's a wooden sporting surface you require for your private gymnasium or you are running a professional sports club, we have the sports decking wooden surface solutions you need. More

Parquet Flooring

Our parquet flooring offerings demonstrate an additional, geometric and precise dimension to our artistic side. Parquet flooring allows us to demonstrate our full range of skills, quality and product variety, with angular, triangular, square and tablet-like shapes coming together with a plethora of different kinds of quality wood to account for some of the best wooden flooring finishes you will ever see. More

Floor Care Products

Although our offerings of Kronoswiss , Berg and Berg flooring and a plethora of other wooden interior-finishing products and services are backed by our quality confidence factor, maintaining your wooden surfaces is essential. There are a number of floor care products that will work very well with our wooden flooring solutions, available directly from our retail partners and from all leading homecare outlets. More

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