Engineered flooring Dealers in india, Kronoswiss Engineered flooring, Kronoswiss Engineered Wood Flooring in india, Engineered hardwood flooring in india, Wooden Flooring, Floorboards
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Engineered flooring Dealers in india, Kronoswiss Engineered flooring, Kronoswiss Engineered Wood Flooring in india, Engineered hardwood flooring in india, Wooden Flooring, FloorboardsEngineered flooring Dealers in india
Engineered flooring Dealers in india

Engineered Flooring Dealers in India

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The term engineered wood encompasses a number of different manufactured wood products.  This kind of wood is created by combining several different types of wood derivatives such as strands, particles, fibers and veneers with adhesive in order to create planks and boards of manufactured, or engineered, wood.  This wood can then be used in any building or decorative capacity.  Some engineered wood is designed and created to be more functional than flattering while other engineered wood products are created to be just as beautiful as natural wood

When it comes to flooring, engineered wood is created by layering wood pulp and debris, called ply, together in order to build up a plank of wood.  These boards have up to 12 ply layers which support the top layer, called the wear layer.  This top hardwood wear layer is treated with a special veneer that makes it durable as well as giving it a nice shine.  Most engineered flooring systems come as tongue in groove boards, meaning they are fitted together and then glued into place.  Engineered wood floors can be installed directly onto concrete slabs, over existing flooring or with a sub-floor. 

Using an engineered wood for a floor has several benefits.  First, the process by which engineered wood is created is environmentally friendly.  Engineered wood can be made up of various leftover scraps, pulp and even sawmill debris.  This makes is essentially a recycled product.  In terms of value, engineered wood is more resistant to moisture than solid wood and so is an ideal choice for use in remodeling basements or to be used in especially humid or damp areas.  High quality engineered wood is also beautiful and research has shown that it retains the same resale value as solid wood flooring in private home sales.  As the premier Wooden Flooring Dealers for Berg & Berg, Floorboards Flooring Systems is happy to offer an extensive range of Engineered Wood flooring options. 

Engineered flooring is similar to laminate flooring in that it's relatively easy to put down.  People who enjoy Do it Yourself projects are easily able to purchase and install their own flooring using engineered wood and following some fairly simple instructions.  Although the project is time consuming, it's a relatively inexpensive project which can add value to your home in the long run as well as the immediate enjoyment you will have from the beauty of the wood itself. 

Floorboards Flooring Systems has the best range of engineered hardwood flooring in India available for you to browse through our website.  Our gallery allows you to see the various grains, textures and tones available, all of which embody not only the natural beauty of wood, but also the environmentally friendly approach of recycled and reclaimed materials.  This makes engineered wood one of the greenest flooring options available today. 

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